Monday, 28 June 2010

Training before cake

I cycled to work today, much to the bemusement of my class of 8 year olds. If I can hope to have taught them anything this year then it is to ask lots of questions and they are an inquisitive bunch.

"What on earth did you do that for, Miss K?"

Good question.

The reasons were threefold:
1) It was a glorious day and I wanted to make the most of sunshine.
2) It was Sports Day today and didn't have to lug in the usual truck load of paperwork.
3) I've just entered my 5th marathon and the day of reckoning is 16 weeks away now.

Training. Must. Begin.

Truth be told, I've just entered my 7th marathon, but I failed to turn up for two last year. Oh the shame. There are a couple of things I could try to blame this on: an over-training injury a couple of years ago and subsequent loss of mojo; or a career change that has left me struggling to establish any kind of work/life balance.

But there's another thing I've been harping on about to my little charges since September - "take responsibility for your actions". So I must do the same.

I've been a lazy toad. Not when it comes to work but definitely when it comes to physical exertion. A lazy toad who likes cake. OhmanIlovethecake. I've made excuses not to go training and I've got to a place where it's OK to bail on a race that I've spent money on entering. I don't like that.

I need some motivation but I'm currently watching a piece on the news about how the government is pulling the cash for those pesky public info films*. You know the ones that make you look shamefully at your second plate of cheese and biscuits from the comfort of the sofa. So I'm looking to the blogosphere for that kick up the butt.

I can't promise this little blog will be particularly witty or intelligent. In fact, I find it unlikely that anyone will actually read it. But if I say here and now that I'm going to get fit again and run this marathon then I have to do it. Right?

The cake will stay. But from now it must be Training Before Cake.

p.s. not all public info films are pesky. Charlie says so.

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  1. I LOVE CHARLEY! (rude not to really). And cake, natch. Also lovin' the blog, KK - only just discovered it. Good luck with the training - marathon, yipes! Feel free to drag G off running whenever you desire. xxx


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