Monday, 27 December 2010

Bright ideas

Some of my best ideas come into my little brain whilst running. If I'm struggling to plan a lesson then a little jog can be one of the most productive things I can do to get thoughts straight in my head (too bad I need so much reminding of this). How frustrating it can be that there's rarely a way of jotting these ideas down when shuffling around a run. Conversely, it's very rare that a truly top-notch idea will find its way into my head after pickling in 5 pints of London Pride at the pub. Funny then that laptops and wireless interwebs make it all too easy to record (and, worse, publicise) my musings in this state. Let's take this Christmas Eve, for example, whereupon merrily falling through the door, I opened not only my laptop but also the massive tub of Celebrations we'd been saving for Christmas. I discovered the true extent of my brain activity on Christmas morning when I found a smooshed up Galaxy Truffle on my keyboard (of course I went for the good ones first) and a mysterious badge on my blog. It seems that in my infinite and inebriated wisdom, I thought it an entirely magnificent idea to sign up for the Janathon, an 'annual festival of activity and excuses' organised by Cathy at JogBlog.

I started this little blog in June
- exactly 16 weeks before the marathon I was planning on running in October. Today puts me back in the same place with 16 weeks to go until London 2011. I went out for a slow 3 miler today with my friend and we decided that it probably won't be particularly easy to run every single day for 31 days; however, given that I've made fewer than 20 posts in 6 months, it looks like the truly tricky bit might be blogging about it. I just hope all the running will inspire some creative thinking - if not, I'll have to go to the pub more often.


  1. I've been thinking,it might actual turn out to be the having to blog everyday and having to think of something interesting to say every day that's the hard part!


  2. Love it - have signed up too!

    Not sure I'll be much good at it - but worth a try and will keep me occupied in January :)

    See you later


  3. That is the best reason yet for joining and I completely understand about the chocolate... I'm trying to now eat all of the ones left in the house so they're no longer there to tempt me! Running every day in January will be so much harder if I'm also eating chocolate every day!

    Good luck with the running and the blogging! :-)

  4. Oh dear, the truth in that second paragraph almost embarrasses me.


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