Monday, 10 January 2011

10) Ten for ten

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.

Kurt Vonnegut

For Day 10, 10 blog posts that have brought a smile to my cakey chops during the first 10 days of Janathon.

In no particular order:

smiley Accountability’s indoor running
smiley Dadoorunrun’s sports bra haiku
smiley JogBlog's happy, pink bike
smiley The Magathon's squirrel conspiracy theories
smiley The VR's gym rant
smiley RunHelenRun's animated treadmill disaster
smiley 39midlifecrisis' ripple stomach threatens to halt the treadmill
smiley Thereisasixpackunderhere's onions all the way
smiley Fattipuff needs an abacus
smileyMrLumpyBadger takes photon 2 pruv to septical poeple he si bolgging and tairning.

Thank you for making me smile.smiley

Day 10 - 1 mile run too early for laughter
Distance: 1.1 miles
Time: 0:11:47
Pace: 11:00 min/mile
Cake rating: 2/5 (Ugh. Not a morning person.)

Edited to add:
Day 10 - Controversial cycle commuting miles
Distance: 7.8 miles
Time: 0:47:15
Speed: 10 mph
Cake rating: No cake, it's work. Controversial logging of commuter miles?! Tough. I'm going to because: (a) I want to compare times through the year; (b) it would be easy not to cycle and to drive instead; (c) cycling shoes = kit; (d) it's hilly; (e) I'm out of reasons; (f) ha. Ooh, rarely have I been so controversial. I should do that more often. It felt good.

Cumulative Janathising: 37.9 miles running + 40.7 miles cycling


  1. I'm glad I made you smile :-)

    Three weeks left till it's all over!


  2. Being controversal deserves a cake, anyway not as bad as me during Jinathon when I suggested some built in rest days!

  3. Jinathon sounds awesome. Ice and a slice?

  4. 10 days gone, 21 to go.

    Less controversial than Jinathon, I'm starting up JAMATHON!!!

  5. lol - I think commuter miles are fine - otherwise I can't count my weds night run home from work and then i'd be stuffed!!!

  6. Tee hee... I'm totally in on jinathon... when do we start?! It made me smile that you included me in your list of blogs that made you smile because you have made me smile too! Yay! Smiles all round for janathon (and cakey) goodness! :-)


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