Thursday, 13 January 2011

13) Janatholism: Part 2

jan·ath·ol·i·sm (jan-uth-ol-izum)
n. Pathology
A chronic disorder characterised by dependence on jogging, logging and blogging. Symptoms may include excessive sweating; fabrication of outlandish excuses; the development of withdrawal symptoms on reducing or ceasing access to the internet; a steadily declining grip on reality; and decreased ability to function socially.

(Janatholism Symptoms Part 1 - Preparation)

Janatholism affects more than the problem runner. Rigid training routines and obsessive blogging behaviours constrict those who are living with a janatholic. Janotholism is a condition that affects every member of the family. Have you seen these signs?

Janatholism Symptoms Part 2 - Delegation:

1) You are taking on increasing numbers of tasks in the house whilst OH is noticeably absent/blogging/in need of a shower.

2) Polite requests to complete these tasks are no longer communicated verbally. Tweeting is often a common alternative:


3) If you don't use Twitter, polite requests may take other forms:


Tomorrow, final installment: Janatholism Symptoms Part 3 - Dedication...

Day 13 - Track session
Distance: 2.68 miles [inc 1 mile pacing run]
Time: 0:28:16 (of 1 hour session, lots of standing around) [1 mile @ 9:10]
Av Pace: 10:32 min/mile
Cake rating: 4/5 (bounding, strides, heel kicks and high knees are all fun; nicely followed with yummy dinner cooked by lovely boyfriend)

Day 13 - Cycle commuting (home-work-track-home)
Distance: 11.26 miles
Time: 1:04:25
Speed: 10.5 mph

Cumulative Janathising: 50.4 miles running + 59.9 miles cycling


  1. yep... my lovely boyfriend received this email from me at work yesterday:

    Forgot to say, working late, then going running club. Won't be home in time to cook, do you mind cooking again! big sorry! smiley face! kiss kiss!

    Reply from lovely boyfriend: fine.

    Think you're right!!!

  2. i'm obviously not doing this right...
    i've worked every day this week, ran, blogged and had to cook every night despite having an obviously @notsolovelywife or alternatively i must be a #completechuffingmug
    keep up the good psychological analysis!

  3. Does cooking not count as a Janathon activity? I certainly work up a sweat in the kitchen.
    Great post.


  4. I think eating should count as a Janathon activity. If it's done with enough enthusiasm, and in great enough volume.

    And drinking gin. How about that? Eh? Eh?

  5. Very tolerant husband is now feeling less alone in the lonely wasteland that is Janathon...

    He actually resorted to coming with me on a run this morning. Then we tweeted each other. Within the house. I'm quite ashamed.


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