Saturday, 15 January 2011

15) Rosé tinted

You wouldn't be too far from the mark if you were to proffer that I'm not really one of life's morning people. If I ruled the world, I'd probably ban single digits on alarm clocks (just so you know). I'd been a bit apprehensive about the first Saturday of work in 2011 and I'll even admit to making one or two grumbly noises involving words like "fiddlesticks" and "goodness gracious, it's jolly early for a weekend" when the alarms (I have 2, in case I batter one of them to smithereens) went off this morning. Wisely, I ran home from work last night, leaving my bike stranded there and forcing me to peel on some manky kit and plod my way back in the dark and drizzle this morning.

Now, contrary to the picture I'm painting, I don't particularly like being grumpy; it's too much like hard work (hard work that doesn't even count as exercise for Janathon). So I weighed up my options: (1) continue to stomp along, muttering away to myself, "too-fffnnnn-early-too-ffnnn-dark-grrr"; or (2) have a bit of a chat with myself, HTFU and admit I was actually quite enjoying running so early on a Saturday morning whilst most normal people were asleep.

The result? I did enjoy the run (despite the painfully slow pace) and overall it has been a cracking day since (if you are interested, the highlights have included making parachutes, measuring the force of friction acting on a running shoe (must count for Janathon, surely?), coaching netball and teaching the 5 Ds of dodgeball).

The power of optimism, eh? In honour of this turnaround, I'm going to be so bold as to claim Day 15 as near enough half way through Janathon (or at least it will be by halfway round your run tomorrow) and celebrate it appropriately by raising a glass of vino pinko.

As we approach half way, is your Janathon glass half empty or half full?

Day 15 - Thirsty run
Distance: 3.87 miles
Time: 0:51:27
Av Pace: 13:41 min/mile (how so slow?!?)
Cake rating: 4/5 (glass half full but I'm ready for a refill, excellent)

Day 15 - Cycle commuting
Distance: 3.79 miles
Time: 24:37
Speed: 9.2 mph

Cumulative Janathising: 58.2 miles running + 67.6 miles cycling


  1. Definitely half full! Your pace today was obviously a reflection of how much you were enjoying that morning run... just wanted to stretch it out as much as possible!

    Oh and I really like the two alarms idea. The trouble with me would be that smashing an alarm clock would actually become an option if there were two - having just the one forces restraint!

  2. Tomorrow we are over half way and its downhill to the finish

  3. Half full - I love that you chose to enjoy yourself today well done.

  4. Surprisingly half full at the moment, although vino pinko tends to empty a little faster me thinks ;)
    Loving the blogs this week.

  5. After last night my beer's half empty but my waterbottle is half full and ready for another outing!

    Good look witht he second half!

  6. Half full!!! and also full of vino pinko from last night :-)


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