Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18) Don't panic!

Dear Janathoners,

YOur Courage, YOur Cheerfulness, YOur Resolution
Will Bring Us Victory.

(Via Keep Calm-o-matic)

"What would Ron do?".

Ron would run. Ron's not worried.

Day 18 - Cycle commute
Distance: 3.83 miles
Time: 0:22:42
Speed: 10.1 mph

Day 18 - WWRD Interval Run
Distance: 5.59 miles [1.1 mile warm up; 4 x 0.5 mile intervals + 2 min jog recovery; ~1.9 mile cool down]
Time: 1:06:47 [0.5 mile times: 1@ 5:21; 2@ 5:02; 3@ 5:04, 4@ 5:07]
Av Pace: 11:56 min/mile
Cake rating: 3/5 (Ron to the rescue)

Cumulative Janathising: 75.8 miles running + 71.4 miles cycling + 1.4 miles swimming


  1. The "your courage ... will bring us victory" was useless propaganda as it was widely resented for suggesting the ordinary people would win it for the ruling class.

    However a WWRD wristband would be brilliant

  2. Fabulous - I have the original of this on my wall at work!

  3. @Highway Kind - noted. Post edited to avoid resentment ;) I'll get to work on the wristbands.

  4. Keep Calm... and watch for squirrels!!! :-)

    PS... I'll have a wristband!

  5. I'd wear a WWRD wristband! Nice interval work... tempted to mix up my training and do something similar. Keep it up!

  6. Well done on the run.

    I really need to get my head round intevals, too much brain power for me!

  7. Genius. It's coming to be expected.


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