Thursday, 20 January 2011

20) E-Venn-tful evenings

In the midst of a busy week, I've been contemplating some ideas on how to maximise the "life" part in my work/life balance during January. Here are my thoughts so far:

Work to live? Live to run? Run to work...

...I'd better go and sort out the shoe logistics for the latter.

Day 20 - Track session
Distance: 2.70 miles [inc 4 x 400 m steady pacing]
Time: 0:28:45 (of 1 hour session, lots of standing around listening again) [400s @ 2:15, 2:12, 2:10, 2:08]
Av Pace: 10:38 min/mile
Cake rating: 4/5 (I'm slow, but at least I'm quite consistently slow)

Day 20 - Cycle commuting (home-work-track-home)
Distance: 11.37 miles
Time: 1:06:57
Speed: 10.2 mph

Cumulative Janathising: 82.1 miles running + 86.7 miles cycling + 1.4 miles swimming


  1. very impressive venn diagram... what about eating???!!!... and sleeping!! I only ask because the eating bit of mine seems to be overlly massive and the sleeping bit seems to be the part not happening between 1-31 January!! Any advice gladly accepted! ;-)

  2. I'd hate to see what my venn diagram would look like!!

    Yes, it is important to include eating and sleeping in the equation ... all important parts of the training to make it to VLM! (and this coming from someone who is posting rather late in the evening ... sleep, who needs it?!?)

    You could always run less?!?

  3. LOL maggie - me too, spend too much time reading blogs to sleep. Another Great post K!

  4. Oh, I love a good Venn. I also love a good list, and it's posts like this that make me wish I'd been keeping a note of the good stuff. Venn diagrams from you, and "Janawocky" from Pyro - what a day!

  5. somebody drew me a venn diagram at work today to explain something! I much prefer yours. I understand it! What next simultaneous equations?

  6. Great venn diagram> Glsd domeone else is consistantly !


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