Saturday, 22 January 2011

22) Rein-Venn-tion

Following Thursday's post on attempting to achieve work/life balance this month, top Janathon Health and Wellness experts, Dr Maggie and Dr Midgie, expressed concerns over the absence of eating and sleeping from my routine.

Fear not, my esteemed colleagues, these two occupations form integral parts of my lifestyle and I have incorporated them into my diagram as follows:


Thank you for your concern. I am definitely well-nourished, if a little sleep-deprived; however, I fear that my Venn diagram may have been rendered as helpful as knickers on a kipper. Or, to put it another way:

("Math" by Tenso Graphics - check out their other awesome illustrations)

Day 22 - Sleep run to work
Distance: 3.87 miles
Time: 0:48:27
Av Pace: 12:31 min/mile
Cake rating: 4/5 (running equivalent of a snooze button)

Day 22 - Cycle commuting
Distance: 3.83 miles
Time: 25:16
Speed: 9.1 mph

Cumulative Janathising: 89.9 miles running + 94.5 miles cycling + 1.4 miles swimming


  1. ha ha ha ha... ha ha ha ha... I can't actually say anuything... I'm laughing too much... tee hee hee :-)

  2. P.S: I totally LOVE my new title... I'm keeping that and using it everywhere! :-)

  3. You have completely out done yourself with that venn diagram. Incredible.

  4. why would you want to socialise with non-runners?

  5. Aces King.
    I made some jewellery inspired by your blog today - will give it to you on Saturday xxx

  6. I love my new title to!!1 I was laughing so much I almost wearing my coffee rather than drinking it!

    What next???

  7. Hahaha I love interval training being the ONLY time food isn't involved. Excellent!

  8. Hahahaha!! I love that time spent thinking about food is all the time excepts during intervals, when, if you're anything like me, the main aim is to just stay alive! My kit washing actually takes up more time than my runs - avg 30-45 mins per run, 1 cycle of washing machine 45 - 60 mins plus drying time...


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