Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25) What would Ron wear?

Have you jogged, logged and blogged every day in January?

Do you have a testimony of courage and discipline to share with your friends and family?

Do you have a desire to share your belief in Ron?

What Would Ron Do?

Ron boldly proclaims the message to RUN!

Check out our new range of WWRD merchanise available to help you boldly proclaim the message to RUN!

SPECIAL OFFER! WWRD Rubber wrist band £20.00 £10.00! buyme


NOW with bonus motivational message:


For something more elegant, try Fatipuff's bespoke silver jewellery. This charming bracelet is what we like to call an "all-rounder" - the sort of thing one can wear with any outfit, to any occasion.

Finally, if you wish to proclaim Ron's message loud and clear, check out our new line of WWRD apparel. Coming soon!
Available in white or pink, naturally

Remember, if you are fighting a weak will in the face of strong temptation and need a reminder of your belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner that would demonstrate your love of Janathon, just ask yourself:

"What would Ron do?"

Day 25 - Cycle commuting
Distance: 3.90 miles
Time: 22:16
Speed: 10.5 mph

Day 25 - Run home
Distance: 3.88 miles
Time: 48:20
Av Pace: 12:27 min/mile
Cake rating: 2/5 (gimmestrength)

Cumulative Janathising: 107.7 miles running + 106.2 miles cycling + 2.9 miles swimming


  1. Chortle
    I think there is a business proposition there ;)

  2. I am going to apply the WWRD mantra to EVERYTHING... especially as I like the fact that the answer will always be 'run'... sometimes at work, I'll appreciate that advice! I would like a T-shirt, a band and a beautiful bracelet please... thank you! :-)

  3. Would you have to give Ron a cut, though?

  4. Ron Hill ran the day after being hit by a car! WWRD? IDWRWD.

  5. I'll have of everythig please! :-) Hehe



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