Thursday, 27 January 2011

27) Furriballs and other beasts

This is our pet wolf*, Furriballs. He's a lovely creature. We decided to inflate him when I felt the need to increase core strength and stability; lovely boyfriend's bicycle pump did the job rather well.


This little fellow is a new addition to the household. He's a bit shy and likes warm, dark places; he'll often disappear under your buttocks after a run.


Then there's this beast. We normally keep him muzzled in a cage in the garden. He's a vicious creature that likes to attack fleshy areas; in the past, he has been known to cause significant pain to my outer thighs.


*No wolves were actually harmed in the writing of this blog. But if you also own a bright purple gym ball that looks unsightly in your living room, rather than inflating your pet, you could have a look here.

Day 27 - Track session
Distance: 3.72 miles [inc 3 x 800 m steady]
Time: 0:40:17 (of 1 hour session; more running, less listening this week [800s @ no frinkin' clue, stupid GPS)
Av Pace: 10:49 min/mile
Cake rating: 3/5 (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Day 27 - Cycle commuting (home-work-track-home)
Distance: 11.25 miles
Time: 1:04:21
Speed: 10.5 mph

Cumulative Janathising: 115.3 miles running + 121.4 miles cycling + 2.9 miles swimming


  1. oh, i love foam rollers. haven't seen the bumpy thing before though. will need to go say hello to the foam at home!

  2. They really do think of everything - gym ball covers! Might be worth considering using a gym ball again after reading this... at present mine is confined to a dark cupboard at my parents house - who wants a giant grey plastic ball sitting in their homes?!

  3. Brilliant! I've always thought those things look unsightly with their bright, garish colours, but that's great... just like real pets! :-)

  4. Oh Kate ... I've got tears in my eyes from laughing at the furiball ... and checked out the website as well!!

    Love the eyes on all your monsters ... but don't you just love 'em anyways?!? I couldn't live without mine!


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