Friday, 28 January 2011

28) A mini-adventure

I have a whole weekend off work. A WHOLE WEEKEND. This also meant an early finish today and the rare opportunity for a weekday run in daylight; something that should be grabbed with both hands. As I cycled home, I was pondering what I should do, "Hmmm. Long run this weekend? How far do I really want to run this afternoon? Could just do a mile."

It's lucky there are some wise, wise Janathoners whose blogs I can turn to when stuck for inspiration. For instance, there's Guru Maggie and her Positive Running BeliefTM philosophy; she made me think, "Whatever I do today, I'm going to use my PRBTM". Then there's Janathon deity, Local Adventures, whose approach to running is both awesome and refreshing. Local had commented on Maggie's blog yesterday, saying that he finds his PRBTM is helped by having targets. But not necessarily distance or time targets; instead, he suggests experience targets, like "I will run through puddles". What a fantastic idea! Time and distance targets are all well and good, but they can grow tiresome and even demotivating if all doesn't go to plan. This made me think about setting a target for today's run. In teacher jargon, a good target should be SMART:


So I thought hard and decided on today's experience target:

"I will get my shoes muddy on my run today"

SMART. The pavement plodding and commuter running had grown quite tedious and the remaining daylight meant I could head out for a mini-adventure to the woods. No distance I have to run, no intervals I have to count, no recoveries I have to time. Just get yer shoes good and filthy. Perfect. I hadn't felt so excited about a run in months.

I dug out these boys for the occasion and took a before picture. As you can see, they were already a little grubby, but this mud is older than some of my friends' children.


The woods are at the top of this steep hill. Not a problem. I had Maggie's message and PRBTM on my side today. The road said SLOW. I said, "So?".


At the top, I began my quest for mud. There were a few puddles and a bit of frozen earth at first, not quite what I was after; however, a bit of persistence led me to this:

Mission accomplished. Target reached. Running triumph.

The reward?


Trundling on home, I got back to the SLOW sign. This time I thought, "Not on your nelly!" and I ran down the hill like a 7 year old chasing an ice cream van.


Here's the after photo of my shoes and socks. I think some of the mud may have fallen off on the way down the hill, but it's left a trail that says, "I ran here and it was 'king awesome!".


1 target, 2 runners and 3 miles have taught me a lot today. Thank you, Maggie and Local. I think I might take my PRBTM to the PUB this evening and raise a glass to Janathon.

Day 28 - Muddy run
Distance: 3.62 miles
Time: Not important.
Av Pace: Who cares?
Cake rating: 5/5 ('king brilliant)

Day 28 - Cycle commuting
Distance: 7.81 miles
Time: 46:10
Speed: 10.2 mph

Cumulative Janathising: 118.9 miles running + 129.2 miles cycling + 2.9 miles swimming


  1. Going out for the pure enjoyment of the run or the sights (what a spectacular sunset!) is good for the soul (and the sole!).

    No watches, no intervals, no heart-rate monitors ... just being out for the sheer pleasure of moving the body and being in such a great place can be pretty incredible.

    For me, it has helped me to re-discover why I love the running and biking and swimming so much without having to have any focused training schedule to follow!

    I highly recommend incorporating some time in any training schedule if you are gearing up for a specific event for some activity ... just for the fun of it!

    p.s. playing in the mud rocks!!!

  2. Totally! Absolutely BRILLIANT! I am loving your use of PRB and Local Adventure's fun target suggestion. The fact that you made your target fully SMART as well is just another massive tick in the box for you... I have tears of pride, combined with my tears of laughter (again)... well done my PRB Padawan... you rock!

    And I love your video! :-)

  3. A definite five caker... fantastic!

  4. Wow - AWESOME sunset and mud collection - well done have a LARGE glass!

  5. Fantastic! Great run, and brilliant post as ever - enjoy the pub!

  6. Nice one! Mud cake! And OooooOOo to the video.
    I tried uploading a video of me trumping during a pushup session but alas to no avail. I think I need to pay extra for the honour and I can tell you that isn't happening.


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