Sunday, 9 January 2011

9) Bikes, bungees and bricks

Lovely boyfriend is a racing snake. He doesn't like to run but he rides bikes at speeds unfathomable to many human beings. I, on the other hand, go weeks without going out on my bike and still somehow expect to be able to keep up. I'll always complete the ride, due to a freakish level of determination, but not always without a hint of grumbling. I like to call this a talent; lovely boyfriend says it is a liability. He's a patient man.

I try to slow him down with cake, but it just makes him stronger.


Sometimes, when struggling to stay together on a climb, I am offered the "Hand of God" - a gentle push to maintain momentum; but it's hardly the safest and tends to provoke more grumbling, especially if initiated without prior consent.

Lovely boyfriend was very pleased with himself to find an article earlier in the week reviewing a bungee contraption that's supposed to make it easier for racing snakes and cake eaters to remain on speaking terms. Might be just the ticket. I'm sure we have some bungee cord in the shed somewhere; however, if you read all of the article, you'll find a video for an altogether more exciting use of a bungee and a bike:

No bungees featured in today's efforts sadly, but a chatty bike ride in the sun was followed by a quick shoe change and a laboured plod around the block to try out my new running shoes. I do believe this is known as a "brick session" in triathlon street lingo. Word.


Day 9 - Cycling (without bungee assistance)
Distance: 32.9 miles
Time: 2:23:00
Speed: 13.8 mph
Cake rating: 4/5 (completed with minimal grumbling - may or may not have involved cake)

Day 9 - Quick shoe change and 1 mile run
Distance: 1.1 miles
Time: 0:11:38
Pace: 10:52 min/mile
Cake rating: 2/5 (felt like a bungee had got caught on the back of my tights)
Cumulative Janathising: 36.8 miles running + 32.9 miles cycling


  1. That's some very impressive cycling... especially without the aid of a bungee! Go you!! :-)

  2. Good stats! Hand of God needs to watch itself or it might get the Amputation of Fury ...

  3. Well done on both activities, hope the new trainers are comfy, they look great at the moment, with January weather this cant last though

  4. Cheers, folks.

    @Kay - Cor blimey. Will remember that one.

  5. Hi Kate,
    Good ride and good on you for keeping up! It's great to get out for a ride, on such a gorgeous day, with the lovely boyfriend. So ... when is he going to join you on a long run?!?

    I can so relate to the 'freakish level of determination' as I was exactly there today myself! Out with a group of 10 cyclist and I was always at the back sometimes far, far away from the others. Yet, I still kept going with a smile on my face (well, maybe more of a pained grimace at times!!)

  6. Love your blog! I love cake and the banner.

    The trainers look pretty, hope they feel good!

  7. holy smokes is right. I never heard of bungee bike. now my sons want to go.

    word to the brick. you rock.

  8. Tell you what - I'll go out on a ride with you one day and then LB will really see slow ;) Hope tomorrow goes well.

  9. Excellent ride - over 30 miles, how did you do it?! Your cycling total alongside your running stats looks mighty impressive now. Just wish I had some of that delicious looking, super-power giving cake for myself!

  10. Brick? Eh? Explain, please, I may need to add it to the dictionary.

    Whoop whoop to you on the excellent cycling and new trainer running action. Though LB should watch out on the old hand of God (does he identify himself as the deity, by the way? He's good, but even so...). Could end up with the Arse Bite of Indignation. Which can be nasty.

  11. Great video! Loving your blog.


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