Monday, 3 January 2011

3) Get Ronning

Waking up at my folks' place with a Bank Holiday stretching ahead this morning, lovely boyfriend and I discussed possibilities for a day of fun:

"Shall we go to Ikea 'on our way' home?" I asked.

"OK then. We could get those nice chairs we've been looking at," I pretended he'd said as his face contorted in a look of absolute horror he replied.

So off we merrily went to Bristol, adding a mere 57 miles to our journey home. It was only on the second lap of the car park that lovely boyfriend started to look a little like he'd gone off my idea for a day of fun.

"Just to let you know, I think this is a s*** idea. In fact, this is the worst f****** idea you've ever had," he said looking adoringly at me from the driver's seat.

His face was a picture of joy when we finally found a parking space, especially when we discovered that there was steam billowing from the engine.

"Look on the bright side," I said, "we might meet some interesting people."

"Rrrhghgnnnghhhhhhhffffffffff****!" he replied cheerily.

Now, Ikea is a marvelous place for one participating in a challenge such as Janathon, since you have to walk so far to find anything you might possibly want. Too bad that I couldn't get GPS signal in the big blue pleasuredome, for I estimate that we may have walked up to 14 miles looking for the chair cushions we were after. There was a bit of cross-training thrown in as we tried to pack our purchases creatively into the car. Good job we drive a Popemobile (if you look carefully, there's actually space at the sides for a few martini glasses and some plastic lampshades):
Finally home, tired from our adventure and aching from the weekend, I started to wonder if I really wanted to go out running this evening. I looked on Running Free but was disappointed not to discover a "Shopping - Whining" option and opted to read some Janathon blogs instead. I started reading Lazy Girl Running's blog, which has some excellent tips today for new runners, and scrolled down to find her post about running legend, Ron Hill. I too listened to his interview on Radio 4's You and Yours last week and was amazed to read about his non-stop stretch of training days since 20th December, 1964. He even ran a mile the day after he broke his sternum in a car accident (he had already run on the morning of the accident) and carried on doing a mile a day until he was well enough to up the distance again. So, pondering our day of retail purgatory, I thought to myself (in Haiku, of course):

What would Ron Hill do
If legs were aching so soon?
Go and run a mile!

And so I ran a mile. And a little bit.

If you are fighting a weak will in the face of strong temptation and need a reminder of your belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner that would demonstrate your love of Janathon, just ask yourself:

"What would Ron do?"

Lovely boyfriend has just walked into the room with a fully assembled chair. See, he did enjoy it really. I wonder if Ron Hill likes Ikea.

Day 3 - 1 mile Ronning Run
Distance: 1.3 miles
Time: 0:13:35
Pace: 10:26 min/mile
Cake rating: 4/5 (Ron Hill's inspiration saved the day)

Cumulative Janathising: 11.7 miles


  1. oooh - I wonder WWKD or "Wicked!" (What Would Katie Do)?

    Most impressed that you did a run *and* an Ikea visit in one day.

    Even more impressed that you even got him to put the chair together rather than leave them in a corner of the dining room still in their boxes!

  2. Hahaha what a great idea - putting the GPS on to track yourself around the zoo/maze/treasure hunt that is Ikea would surely yield some interesting results! To answer your question we found it manic there today too... and that was at the Cardiff branch, not Bristol. What could it be about the Bank Holiday that brings out cheap, Swedish home furniture fans?! Perhaps it's just that extra time around the house where you realise your kitchen would look all the better with magnetic pots to hold your herbs and spices.

    I really like the game of Tetris you're playing with your car too. Much more sensible than the people who show up and try to fit a (large) bookcase into a sports car!

  3. Wow - how do you get your man to IKEA? I have been trying for 15 YEARS an not managed it - he'll happily pay double the price to order from Next just so he gets out of going there...
    PS love the WWRD idea!

  4. Did you get a hot dog and some Dime bars ?? No Ikea visit is complete without those two purchases...

    p.s was your mile square ?? Well done for racking up over 11 miles by day 3 !!

  5. Brillant. Loved reading that. Nice profile pic too.

  6. I would much rather run a marathon with a stone in my shoe than visit an Ikea on a Bank Holiday! Loving the 'What would Ron do?'

    Laura (aka Lazy Girl Running)

  7. Ikea on a Bank Holiday! Marvelous plan. Can't imagine what Danny's complaints could have been based on. And why is it impossible to not fill your car to absolute bursting every time you visit that Swedish hell hole? Even if you just went in for meatballs and tealights?

    Well done on the mile and the new Ron-based philosophy. I am awed.


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