Thursday, 6 January 2011

6) Janathon Next Generation

This post is coming to you live from my freezing classroom (working in the holidays is frowned upon and punished appropriately). Good job I have run here and am now glowing magenta; I am trying to trap the heat by cowering within an igloo of exercise books and attempting to mark work in an energetic fashion. This gem was lurking inside a little boy's Science book:

Q: Suggest 3 things you would do to protect an endangered species.

If I was trying to protect an endangered species I would give it a nice habitat with shelter and near food. I would also put up signs around its habitat to warn people that they are endangered, and to ask people not to hunt or attack that animal. Finally I would raise awareness by organising a fun run.

He has clearly read the question and asked, "What would Ron do?". A+. My job is awesome.

In other news today, I woke up to find this in the fridge. Either we have time-travelled, or someone has eaten the pie chart.


Day 6 - Endangered-animal-saving fun run
Distance: 3.9 miles [1 mile warm up; 2 miles steady; ~1 mile cool down]
Time: 0:42:03 [2 mile @ 20:45]
Pace: 10:55 min/mile
Cake rating: 4/5 (many animals saved e.g. smiled at a dog and didn't step on any snails)

Cumulative Janathising: 25.6 miles


  1. lol! A brilliant answer and another amusing blog... wonderful... who ate the pie chart I wonder... :-)

  2. Love the cup cake runners, I'd be the victoria sandwich one thats not depictedWell done on the 25.6 miles almost a marathon, keep it up.

  3. Love that answer. I wish my kids were so imaginative and articulate. Mine just write complete nonsense!

  4. Ohh, that looks like less than a seventh of the pie left. You'll be finished with Janathon after the weekend, then. Result! And all through the power of PIE.

  5. LOL - shared this one with my hubby and we both had a good laugh as I had already explained the whole WWRD. Brilliant! Notice your times are getting quicker - that's an excuse to eat more pie!

  6. I love the blog, and I'm sorry its taken me a while to get here. The sketches are excellent too.


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