Friday, 7 January 2011


Just did a very short run into the more "urby" bit of of suburbia and saw this sign at the petrol station. A man asked me what I was doing taking a picture, so I told him I was in a treasure hunt and ran off.

The telly is always rubbish in January and I wondered if this idea ought to be pitched to the BBC for a new primetime reality show:

Strictly No Parking is a celebrity parking extravaganza. Non-parking celebs, in the form of national treasures, former soap stars and disgraced politicians, attempt to learn a series of complicated manoeuvres, and bring them to a live Saturday afternoon showdown where they fight for spaces in a busy Ikea car park.

What do you reckon? Naturally I couldn't tell the man at the petrol station in case he stole my idea. Will e-mail BBC at once and let you know when I get a response.

In the meantime, well done to Janathoners on completing Day 7.

Day 7 - Strictly slow runnning
Distance: 1.6 miles
Time: 0:18:00
Pace: 11:27 min/mile
Cake rating: 3/5 (Nice posture and good arm position but overall the run lacked energy)

Cumulative Janathising: 27.2 miles


  1. I like the sound of that programme... tell the BBC that I'd watch it! :-)

  2. That TV idea will be snapped up by BBC no problem if their standard of Saturday night viewing is anything to go by. Congrats of first week done

  3. I'm going to sneak round there and change the K in ParKing into a P

  4. Well done on day 7! I think your programme needs an added edge - how about the bottom 2 go to head to head in a 'chicken run' where they drive straight for each other and the one that swerves is eliminated. Of course if they drive into each other it kills 2 birds with one stone, so to speak...

  5. I am so impressed by your blog, it's amazing, well done!

  6. You could add the challenge of having to park multiple size vehicles: everything from a Toyota IQ to a Merc Sprinter. That'd sort the men from the boys!

    Good work on week one, and I like the daily stats. I'll raise a piece of tiffin in your honour m'dear.


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