Sunday, 6 February 2011

White noise

Please accept our apologies for the interruption to transmission this week. Our engineers have been working on this as our main priority and we hope to restore normal service following Janathon.

Conveniently, a particularly busy week at work fell after, rather than during, Janathon and enforced a brief pause in training and blogging. With legs feeling much better for the rest and Sunday here again, I was raring to go again this morning. Ever supportive of my running efforts, lovely boyfriend initiated a conversation about my training aims for the day:


If you've read this far then I presume you have better manners than lovely boyfriend and won't tune out completely to this update; however, I may try to catch you out, so do try to keep your wits about you.

Indeed, Wokingham half marathon is just next week: an opportunity for some pre-London miles with the distraction of a race atmosphere and some different roads. Gah! The sky has just turned purple! I certainly have no PB ambitions but it'll be good to see how the distance feels now. After last week's accidentally long run, I thought today would be a good chance to test out the effects of the Janathon mileage with a shorter effort. Woah! Look! A flying monkey! I thought a direct comparison with January 1st would be most telling, so I set my GPS to bleep after 10K and off I went. It certainly was blowing a hooley this morning, but I powered on in the Force 9 gale and managed to shave a very satisfying 3 minutes from my hungover New Year's Day shuffle. Behold! A man running backwards! I loved Janathon and I hope the mileage has established a good base for the year, but there were times when I thought I was just training myself to run slower and slower. The aim for February is to run less but run better. So far so good.

For the record, I actually saw a man running backwards today. I wasn't sure if it was a training drill or whether he'd succumbed to the effects of the headwind.


  1. ...or maybe you were running so fast that you turned time backwards... maybe... just a thought

  2. They have races in that you know, running backwards that is, not flying monkeys... one was held last summer in our local park... would have loved to have seen it! :-) well done on beating your previous time.

  3. My goals for Feb are exactly the same - less focus on quantity, more on quality. The reward so far? Good 10k times all round it seems...!
    Have fun!

  4. For me, fewer runs all round, and some shorter, faster efforts. Definitely some miles on the bike(s), and a maybe a splash in the pool (though ideally not at the same time).

  5. Well done for knocking 4 mins off! Brilliant!
    I tried running backwards one time during Janathon, not far, it was very difficult.

  6. You are very wise Cakey.
    I am broken.
    I should have done more resting. Will now do so!


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