Tuesday, 29 March 2011

British Sleepy Time

BST is kicking my ass.

Seriously, getting up in the dark again is horrible, particularly as stamina dwindles towards the end of term (along with the ability to maintain a blog, apparently). Sadly, this has had certain consequences for the training this week: firstly, by feeling lousy on Sunday and abandoning the long run a mere 3 miles in; secondly, by failing to find the right kit in my "walk-on-wardrobe" before work this morning (cue bewildered fumbling for running shorts in my bag after work this evening and a grumbling bike ride home).

I'm not going to let this donkey dung of a week so far get the better of me though and I've scrabbled for some positives to resuscitate a little motivation (and serve as a quick update):

smiley I have managed a 19 and 20 mile run in the last month
smiley I did Reading Half nearly 6 mins faster than Wokingham in February
smiley I'm 17 lbs down on the start of Operation Neoprene.

You can't polish a poo, but you can roll it in glitter.


  1. Eeeeuuuuuwwww! That final image was graphic. Well done on the long runs, the half and operation neoprene.

  2. woohoo 17 pounds go you!!
    Must admit I run the other end of the day and it was lovely going out and GETTING BACK in daylight today...

  3. Extremely glittery! And not very poo-like, I reckon. And 17lbs??? That is astonishing awesomeness. Please don't disappear completely.

  4. 17 pounds - holy crap cakey - that's AMAZING - very glittery poooop indeed. Scrap fat club, I want the cakey diet please!

  5. 17lbs is absolutely fantastic! I've been trying your approach recently but find I'm not very good at it... I seem to want to eat when I'm not hungry... especially chocolate... and I also seem to have zero will power!! Ah well... well done on Reading :-)


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