Monday, 18 April 2011

Organisation is key

Friday: Final 3 mile run. Go to hairdressers for cut and colour (discuss weekend away in London, "Aw that'll be nice, there are some really good bars there"). Pick up final supplies: gels, jelly babies, Savlon, post-race crisps. Check bus times (find that Oxford Tube are kindly providing free transport to runners. Bonus). Write list of stuff to pack for the weekend.

Love a good list. Can't go wrong with a good list.

Saturday a.m.: Pack bag, sticking rigidly to list. Must obey the list. The list says I need my registration form. The registration form says I need my passport to collect my number. Find both and place securely in handbag for Expo later. Check once more that registration form and passport are securely in handbag. Finish packing kit bag.

Get on bus:

"May I have a free journey to London, please? It says on the website I can because I'm running the marathon."


"The London Marathon. I'm running it. See, I have the form here." Wave registration form triumphantly in driver's direction.

"Dunno what you're talking about. You'd better get on anyway."

Sit down, check carefully to put registration form back in handbag with passport. Good times. I am running the marathon and have almost managed to convince the nice bus driver of this fact.

Saturday p.m.: Make it to King's Cross to meet friends off Edinburgh train. Go for a 30p wee in station loos (30p! No loo roll or working taps either). Marvel at how busy and important everyone looks. Make our way to Expo at Excel centre, making full use of Oyster cards (they make you feel like a busy, important London-type, rather than provincial nobody). Check passport and registration form are still securely in handbag.

Arrive at Expo, follow queue of people. Can't go wrong with a queue, nor a list. Arrive at registration desk to collect number and breathe sigh of relief that both passport and registration form are still in my handbag.

Excellent organisation. Well done me.


To be continued...


  1. Oh no! Don't leave us on tenterhooks! I beg you. What did you do? Did you find someone sympathetic? Did your boyfriend rush back to Oxford at the speed of light? Please tell me there's a happy ending.

  2. Oh... Classic! Love the mock-up. I knew I'd enjoy this post :-) ... (though this is based entirely on the assumption that it all comes good in the end)

  3. God that is so something i would do. Poor you bet you felt sick! Do hope this has happy ending if running 26.2 miles is considered a 'happy ending'

  4. This is a cliffhanger worthy of EastEnders! Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun!

  5. Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my... I literally took a gasp outloud and my mouth is still wide open... no, no, no, no... what did you do? did you run? did you have some other form of id they accepted? did lovely boyfriend bring it over in time... WHAT?????!!!!!!!!


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