Sunday, 8 May 2011


Don't worry if you lose count in the swim: after 28 lengths, someone will put a big number 2 in the water.

(Pool-side race briefing, BUSA triathlon 2007)

It may have been 4 years since my last triathlon but this announcement still concerned me, so I elected to close my mouth and keep count at today's event, Banbury Triathlon.

Starting with a 750 m outdoor pool swim, the organisers decided to make wetsuits optional and there were many competitors taking advantage of the extra buoyancy this provided. Not me though. Operation Neoprene has attempted to swim away since the marathon (you'd be forgiven for thinking it had been buried at sea if you'd seen me scoffing key lime pie last night); so this unsinkable battleship braved the parky waters in nothing but a trusty Aldi trisuit and suffered the inevitable ice-cream headache.

With 4 weeks to go until Blenheim Triathlon, it might be time to concede that post-marathon refueling is no longer necessary and it's time to get back to work on losing the rubber ring.


  1. I did an tri last week and it was only 400m and I still lost count. Good job the timer in my lane put that float out for me!

    Good luck with the training for Blenheim! Its on TV so let us know your race number!

  2. Poo in the pool! Poo in the pool!

    How very unpleasant. You'd think it'd be outlawed.

  3. Eugh... yeah... you want to avoid that big number 2 floating in the water!! That doesn't seem like fair play to me! :-)
    As for the rubber ring loss... I'm with ya there... a month of post-marathon fuelling has left me with a little more padding than is necessary! On with the diet! :-)

  4. LOL - good luck for Blenheim - how long now?


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