Thursday, 30 June 2011

30) Raising the bar

So, the end of Juneathon is here and I'd like to congratulate those who hung on in there longer than I managed and, of course, thank Jogblog for organising us all again.

I thought the most fitting way to end the month would be with yet more meticulous statistical analysis. I wanted to compare my Juneathon efforts with what I accomplished in Janathon. After carefully considering the variables, I realised that the data is as discontinuous as my running this month, and the best representation has to be a bar graph. A chocolate bar graph, to be precise. And what could provide better statistical robustness than the reliable Kit Kat Chunky.

Here, you can see my Janathon running efforts, represented by Kit Kat Chunky Original, compared directly with the Juneathon miles, Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter:


A slightly sorry story I'm afraid; however, we must remember that Janathon was one whole day longer than Juneathon and, given the extra day, I am sure I would have made up the extra 90-odd miles.

Slightly more encouraging is the comparison of cycling miles (you'll notice I've taken tips from my local Tory candidate's election leaflet when choosing the scale for the y-axis):


According to this graph, Juneathon blew Janathon's swimming efforts out of the water:


And let's not forget the lakeland yomping:


And the mighty press ups:


I think we can conclude that Juneathon has been a roaring success. Go me! I hope you are feeling triumphant at the end of your month.


Day 30 - Round-up run
Distance - 1.7 miles
Cake rating - 5/5 (well, it is the last day)

Day 30 - Cycle commute

Distance - 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 45.0 miles running + 5.3 miles swimming + 131.5 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping + 13 mighty press ups

vs Cumulative Janathising: 140.5 miles running + 129.2 miles cycling + 2.9 miles swimming

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29) Press on

What with Juneathon being such a roaring personal success, I wanted to capitalise on my extraordinary self-discipline and make sure I have another project ready to go on July 1st:

(Image source: Mother Fitness)

Cue one hundred push ups. In six weeks, I'm assured that these dinner lady arms will bewaving goodbye to the bingo wings and giving away two tickets to the gun show. Or maybe they'll look just as formless, but better able to support my cake-laden surplus in a prone position.

I did the initial test when I got home from work and managed a mighty 13 press ups. Unlucky for some? Yes, I think so... the plan says I have to do 45 on Friday.


Day 29 - Run to work
Distance - 3.9 miles
Cake rating - 5/5 (my running needs as much encouragement as it can get at the moment)

Day 29 - Cycle h
Distance - 3.9 miles

+ 13 mighty press ups

Cumulative Juneathising: 43.3 miles running + 5.3 miles swimming + 123.6 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping + 13 mighty press ups

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

28) Birthday cake

My little blog is 1 year old today.

As a first-time blogger, the first year has been a learning experience from the very beginning. Nothing can prepare you for the all-consuming nature of bloggerhood; at times, it has been an emotional rollercoaster and the blogger-blues can really get you down in the lonely early stages. There have been months where I've barely slept, but that has been balanced by periods of total dormancy. Even at 12 months old, when most blogs are beginning to discover their independence, it's still quite clingy and demands a lot of my attention. Meeting other bloggers with blogs of similar ages has been an invaluable source of support; however, I must be careful not to compare my blog to bigger, cleverer, more developed blogs. After all, each blog reaches it's milestones at its own pace. I am just happy that my blog is a good-natured sort; perfectly content babbling incoherently away to itself whilst it smiles and dribbles gratefully at any one who'll give it a little attention.

Happy birthday, little blog!


Day 28 - Cycle commuting
Distance - 3.9 miles

Day 28 - What? A RUN? Is it your birthday or something?
Distance - 3.9 miles
Cake rating - 5/5 (long overdue)

Cumulative Juneathising: 39.4 miles running + 5.3 miles swimming + 119.7 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Monday, 27 June 2011

27) Balls...

... are something that have seemingly lacked from my recent Juneathon endeavours. Thank goodness travellinghopefully has sent me some in the post:


Thank you, Cassie.

They are rather delicious sweeties, which (along with the lovely sunny weather) have kept me all aglow today.


Day 27 - Sticky cycle commuting
Distance - 7.8 miles

Day 27 - A swim to temper the glow
Distance - 1500 m

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 5.3 miles swimming + 115.8 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Sunday, 26 June 2011

26) Goggle-eyed

Exclusive to Juneathon readers today:

A new, state-of-the-art search engine for all your protective 4-eyed needs.

As fetching as my new goggles are, I also needed matchsticks to get up at 2am and drive to the Henley Swim Classic this morning. I'm off for a kip before I go to find some more shuttlecocks for my xray specs.

(I could bore you with excuses about why I haven't blogged since Tuesday or I could do what the kids do when they're late to lessons: keep quiet and hope no-one's noticed. Thanks for the sweet messages though notmuchofarunner and kimivory - everything's fine).


Day 22 - Cycle commuting
Distance - 7.8 miles

Day 23 - Cycle commuting
Distance - 7.8 miles

Day 24 - Cycle commuting
Distance - 7.8 miles

Day 25 - Cycle commuting
Distance - 7.8 miles

Day 26 - Henley Swim Classic
Distance - 2100 m upstream
Time - 43:34

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 4.3 miles swimming + 107.6 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

21) Report time

FAO Mr and Mrs Cakeofgoodhope:

Cakeofgoodhope started the year well with all the best intentions and, for once, I'd hoped she'd sustain it; however, this month, her attendance has been more than sporadic and she has let her extra-curricular activities hinder her best efforts. It's time she decided where her priorities lie. There are some bloggers who can sustain this level of endurance and there's your daughter, who has delusions of adequacy. The past week is a case in point where she has set herself low standards of exercise and consistently failed to achieved them. Her behaviour has not been up to scratch and her attitude to the Juneathon rules has been disappointing. I'm afraid the evidence suggests that, at this point in time, Cakeofgoodhope has hit rock bottom and started to dig.

Grade: D -

Target: HTFU and go running


Day 21 - Just a bit more cycle commuting and a lot of report writing
Distance - 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 3.0 miles swimming + 76.4 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Monday, 20 June 2011

20) Suits me fine

Following my day of dessert-based interval training and race-prep of isotonic wine on Saturday, I thought that today might be a good day to avoid the custard creams in the staff room.

Then my friend Sadie send me this and I started to question my decision:

AA Gill, The Times, Monday 20th June 2011

Something lovely about yesterday's swim was the impressive variety of shapes and sizes of those competing. It seems that good tailors exist in the wetsuit world too. Maybe it's time to stop struggling, ditch the mini-suit and embrace the clotted cream.


Day 20 - Just a bit of cycle commuting in the rain
Distance - 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 3.0 miles swimming + 68.6 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Sunday, 19 June 2011

19) In the drink

Ensure you drink plenty before and after your swim. Do not drink any alcohol the night before and on the day of the event as it can cause dehydration.

Great North Swim 2011 Event Information


Oh well, we'll count a Saturday evening aboard a boat on Windemere with Team Badger and Fattipuff as a course recce for a Sunday morning in Windemere with 200 well-hydrated swimmers.


Day 19 - Great North Swim
Distance: 1500 metres
Time: 31:48
Cake rating: 5/5 (For effort required to zip up the wetsuit)

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 3.0 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Saturday, 18 June 2011

18) Caked in mud

Following yesterday's hardcore effort, we hoped to Go Ape today; however, Grizedale Forest was full of young, hip people who'd got up much earlier than us. Instead, we wandered around and, between intervals of intensive cake-eating, jumped in as much mud as possible.



Day 18 - Running, jumping, climbing trees drinking tea
Distance: Not far
Time: No idea
Cake rating: 5/5

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 1.5 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping

Friday, 17 June 2011

17) Juneathon interrupted

We apologise for the loss of signal and appreciate your patience whilst we fix the problem.

Please do not adjust your sets.



Day 17 - 6.5 hour road trip to the Lake District with Fattipuff

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 1.5 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling

Thursday, 16 June 2011

16) Love triangulation

Once upon a time, a girl met a beautiful new running gadget; sleek, stylish, and up-to-date, she was smitten with him from the moment she clapped eyes on him.


It wasn't long before they were totally inseparable. They would spend hours together every weekend, traipsing through town, careering around country lanes and wandering in the woods. Their liaisons became more and more frequent, sometimes meeting every day.

The girl thought the gadget was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She thought the gadget completed her; however, one day, things started to change.


The gadget became more and more disparaging, slowly wearing away at the girl's confidence. It was as if he was deliberately trying to undermine her.

He would question her constantly. Where was she going? How far had she run? How many minutes rest did she plan to take between intervals? He was becoming possessive and wanted to know her every move.


The girl knew well that trust is the foundation upon which a relationship is built. If you don’t trust each other, no matter how much you adore them, the relationship can't possibly survive. The cracks were becoming bigger and bigger with every run. The sparkle was disappearing, the romance floundering, their affection growing weaker by the day until, finally, the energy has almost completely gone.


Surely this relationship wasn't completely doomed?

The girl needed some distance, some time to reflect and re-evaluate her priorities. She asked the gadget for a trial separation and moved him into a drawer with immediate effect.

Fortunately, today, the girl feels more encouraged by the happy, healthy relationships of other runners and their gadgets. There's Jogblog, who seems so content with Cedric, and Travelling Hopefully, in the first flush of romance with her new beau, Miles.

The girl remains determined that the rift can be healed and that she will run with the gadget again one day.


Day 16 - Jog home, undetected by satellites
Distance: 3.9 miles
Time: No idea
Cake rating: 5/5 (very excited to have won some sweets - thanks, Travelling Hopefully!)

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 1.5 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15) Sugar-coated

“Right, Cakeofgoodhope, what have you got to say for yourself? Why have you been brought back into the boardroom today?”

“I really don’t know, Lord Sugar.”

“I’ll spell it out for you shall I? You’ve failed to once again on this task. Other Juneathoners have managed miles of running today and what have you done?”

“I know, Lord Sugar, but I was up really early and marking exams again before work.”

“Marking schmarking, what kind of a namby pamby excuse is that? Do you think that stopped me when I was starting out? When I was 14, I’d mark 200 exam scripts and run a marathon before opening by market stall at 4am…”

"Lord Sugar, with respect…"

“SHUT UP! I’m talking. Now I’ve got to get rid of someone and quite frankly it should have been you after that bleeding pie chart. Tell me why I shouldn’t!"

“Because I’m committed, Lord Sugar, that’s why, and I have a proven track record jogging, logging and blogging every day in Janathon."

“Committed? You should be committed based on some of the jibberish you put on this so-called blog."

“But, Lord Sugar, in Janathon, my blog was quite g…."

“Stop going on about bleeding Janathon. So what? I was a jogger, ran every day to my market stall, but that didn’t help me sell computers when I got older.”

“Yes, Lord Sugar, you’re right Lord Sugar, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ll put in 100% from now on."

"Cakeofgoodhope, as much as I'd like to believe you, we've been here before and your promises were as much use as knickers on a kipper...



Day 15 - Cycle commute (tired, not fired, but nearly expired)
Distance: 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 30.6 miles running + 1.5 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling
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