Friday, 10 June 2011

10) Creative stamina

Friday is one of my late evenings at work. This evening, I finished to find that the groundsman had locked my classroom with my belongings inside. The point of this very boring story is that my run home was scuppered, so I cycled back and completed a very dissatisfying token mile.

Luckily, Juneathon remains a force for good and I was touched to read that Warriorwomen had very generously accredited me with, what she calls, "creative stamina" in her blog yesterday; something I certainly feel I'm lacking today. Continuing her theme of recommendations, I'm going to leave you today with a tremendous video of the amazing Danny MacAskill - someone with truly outstanding creative stamina. Enjoy!


Day 10 - Cycle commute (with tricks and stunts galore, of course)
Distance: 7.8 miles

Day 10 - Lousy mile run
Distance: 1 mile
Cake rating: 1/5

Cumulative Juneathising: 29.7 miles running + 0.5 miles swimming + 35.7 miles cycling


  1. After your brilliant posts (just made Ginge listen to me read your Gruffalo tribute out loud) I think you're allowed a day off (also, you're putting the rest of us to shame!).

  2. My personal favourite was the twitter one from January last year. If I wasn't lazy, I'd look it up and quote it, but I am and so I haven't. Well it is 3am. I think all your posts are brilliant :-) but don't feel pressured to be amazing on account of us lot.

  3. I agree with the above, your posts are always awesome you are allowed the odd day off! Juneathon on!


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