Saturday, 11 June 2011

11) Time out

6 o'clock Alarm went off... Fffffnnnnnnrrggrhgrhgrgrghhh

7 o'clock Got to work... Sigh

1 o'clock Met lovely boyfriend & pals for lovely lunch... Mmmmm

4 o'clock Just lay of sofa for a seco... Zzzzzzzz

7 o'clock Regained consciousness... What? Where? Have I been asleep?

And now, the time is...

Beer o'clock


What? No running?


Day 11 - Cycle commute (with "executive decision" not to run today)
Distance: 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 29.7 miles running + 0.5 miles swimming + 43.5 miles cycling


  1. Love it! I have time-warping naps on the sofa too! I think I must live on an international time line or summat!

  2. LOL LOVE saturday snoozes - had one myself yesterday. Beer o clock is my favourtie time of the day...

  3. lol... I'm feeling inspired now... I'm going to go and have a sunday snooze!!!


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