Monday, 13 June 2011

13) Call the poll-ice

In Janathon, I was a good girl. I jogged, logged and blogged every day like a proper swot; however, this Saturday, I broke my own self-imposed rule about running every day and I've felt quite liberated since! Freed from the shackles of Juneathon Purism, I can "just do something active" and enjoy it. So today, I threw away my rulebook once and for all and just went for a swim. Very pleasant it was too.

What with yesterday's unruly undergarments, you'd be forgiven for thinking that things have spiraled into total anarchy around here, but which crime DIDN'T I commit today?


Please feel free to cast your vote in the comments below. Who knows, maybe there'll be some hardcore statistical analysis to summarise how much of a delinquent you think I am.


Day 13 - Scandalous swim
Distance: 1500 metres
Time: ~28 minutes
Cake rating: 4/5 (rule-breaking, but not record-breaking)

Cumulative Juneathising: 30.6 miles running + 1.5 miles swimming + 43.5 miles cycling


  1. I'm going with (c). For the sake of your fellow pool users, I really hope it's (c).

  2. Tricky decision... I know that all are possible :)

    A) I suspect that's got to done on a daily commute in Oxford -although that would obviously make it a perfect red herring.

    B) Obviously breaking all sorts of rules (!), and I suspect not something you do on a regular basis but it was quite chilly today...

    C) Well, um, yes.

    So, I think I'm going to go with B.

    he he. Or C.

    Or A

    And now my stupid comment is almost as long as your post :)

  3. Oh my... the worst possible crime there is easily taking a mug out of the staff room!!!!! I REALLY hope you didn't do that... you may find a cold welcome tomorrow otherwise!!! ;-)

  4. Ps... (one of) the reasons I don't go to swimming pools is because I'm more than aware that C occurs all too often!!!

  5. Please god, let the answer be C.

  6. C is what makes people's eyes sting in the pool, so everyone will know you've done it!

  7. Must be C must be C must be C must be C must be C


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