Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15) Sugar-coated

“Right, Cakeofgoodhope, what have you got to say for yourself? Why have you been brought back into the boardroom today?”

“I really don’t know, Lord Sugar.”

“I’ll spell it out for you shall I? You’ve failed to once again on this task. Other Juneathoners have managed miles of running today and what have you done?”

“I know, Lord Sugar, but I was up really early and marking exams again before work.”

“Marking schmarking, what kind of a namby pamby excuse is that? Do you think that stopped me when I was starting out? When I was 14, I’d mark 200 exam scripts and run a marathon before opening by market stall at 4am…”

"Lord Sugar, with respect…"

“SHUT UP! I’m talking. Now I’ve got to get rid of someone and quite frankly it should have been you after that bleeding pie chart. Tell me why I shouldn’t!"

“Because I’m committed, Lord Sugar, that’s why, and I have a proven track record jogging, logging and blogging every day in Janathon."

“Committed? You should be committed based on some of the jibberish you put on this so-called blog."

“But, Lord Sugar, in Janathon, my blog was quite g…."

“Stop going on about bleeding Janathon. So what? I was a jogger, ran every day to my market stall, but that didn’t help me sell computers when I got older.”

“Yes, Lord Sugar, you’re right Lord Sugar, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ll put in 100% from now on."

"Cakeofgoodhope, as much as I'd like to believe you, we've been here before and your promises were as much use as knickers on a kipper...



Day 15 - Cycle commute (tired, not fired, but nearly expired)
Distance: 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 30.6 miles running + 1.5 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling


  1. Feeling your pain buddy! Incidentally - should be able to pick you up at about 2.45-3 on Friday. I'll call you if that changes. Yay. Adventures ;) Am going to take my running shoes so we can bully each other into running on Saturday ;)

  2. 7.8 miles of biking is good effort - I don't think that you're on the losing team as all Juneathon-ers are winners, and should all be given at least one of those rubbishy Amstrad video-phones that only 2 people in the world use.

  3. This has to be the best blog Ive read so far. Well done on the cycle and congratulations on the blog

  4. 'Knickers on a kipper' made me snort tea out of my nose!! Thanks for that!!

  5. He is a grumpy old goat. He doesn't love you like we do

  6. I was a teacher too, and so never had a real job - Thanks for giving me the confidence to confess to this on the blogsphere. I can't believe you have trouble with cake when, according to the table of doom, you did 273 miles in January!


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