Sunday, 19 June 2011

19) In the drink

Ensure you drink plenty before and after your swim. Do not drink any alcohol the night before and on the day of the event as it can cause dehydration.

Great North Swim 2011 Event Information


Oh well, we'll count a Saturday evening aboard a boat on Windemere with Team Badger and Fattipuff as a course recce for a Sunday morning in Windemere with 200 well-hydrated swimmers.


Day 19 - Great North Swim
Distance: 1500 metres
Time: 31:48
Cake rating: 5/5 (For effort required to zip up the wetsuit)

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 3.0 miles swimming + 60.8 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping


  1. Yes LOL, but 1500m open water swimming in 31:48 is great stuff - and in the same week as 200 scripts!

  2. That's my kind of swimming....liver permitting of course x


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