Tuesday, 21 June 2011

21) Report time

FAO Mr and Mrs Cakeofgoodhope:

Cakeofgoodhope started the year well with all the best intentions and, for once, I'd hoped she'd sustain it; however, this month, her attendance has been more than sporadic and she has let her extra-curricular activities hinder her best efforts. It's time she decided where her priorities lie. There are some bloggers who can sustain this level of endurance and there's your daughter, who has delusions of adequacy. The past week is a case in point where she has set herself low standards of exercise and consistently failed to achieved them. Her behaviour has not been up to scratch and her attitude to the Juneathon rules has been disappointing. I'm afraid the evidence suggests that, at this point in time, Cakeofgoodhope has hit rock bottom and started to dig.

Grade: D -

Target: HTFU and go running


Day 21 - Just a bit more cycle commuting and a lot of report writing
Distance - 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 34.5 miles running + 3.0 miles swimming + 76.4 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping


  1. hey dont be so hard on yourself!

    Well done on doing this much in Juneathon to date! Keep going and Roll on July for than day off :)

  2. I thought I'd already commented here... I guess not. Sometimes it all goes pearshaped just before the 'capcha' . Hope fully it will work this time to say that if i was moderating, i think you're looking at at least a B (some of your coursework has been late I think) with some moments of A starness. :-)
    P.s my clumsy thumbs requested a taxi number instead of clicking on comments... Very annoying. I don't want a taxi.

  3. You have the right to appeal! xx

  4. R U OK? No posts for a few days. x


  5. Hope you are ok Mrs Cake. I keep popping back here for the next creative masterclass but my guess is you are too much of a perfectionist just to write any old drivel like the rest of us.... Well... No pressure then... Whenever you're ready ;-)


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