Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29) Press on

What with Juneathon being such a roaring personal success, I wanted to capitalise on my extraordinary self-discipline and make sure I have another project ready to go on July 1st:

(Image source: Mother Fitness)

Cue one hundred push ups. In six weeks, I'm assured that these dinner lady arms will bewaving goodbye to the bingo wings and giving away two tickets to the gun show. Or maybe they'll look just as formless, but better able to support my cake-laden surplus in a prone position.

I did the initial test when I got home from work and managed a mighty 13 press ups. Unlucky for some? Yes, I think so... the plan says I have to do 45 on Friday.


Day 29 - Run to work
Distance - 3.9 miles
Cake rating - 5/5 (my running needs as much encouragement as it can get at the moment)

Day 29 - Cycle h
Distance - 3.9 miles

+ 13 mighty press ups

Cumulative Juneathising: 43.3 miles running + 5.3 miles swimming + 123.6 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping + 13 mighty press ups


  1. Good Luck with the Challenge. Apparently, to "properly" complete the 100 Press Up Challenge, you have to video yourself performing the 100 press ups and post it on YouTube. I was informed this a couple of years ago by a "friend" a few days after I had completed the 100 press ups - allegedly my effort "didn't count because it was not posted on YouTube". He is no longer my friend...

  2. Well that's a bigger challenge than Juneathon. My arms are like spaghetti. I can barely manage 5 proper press-ups. Oooh shall I go for it?????

  3. Think I would rather run for another month and that is saying something, I have the upper body strength of an slug


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