Thursday, 30 June 2011

30) Raising the bar

So, the end of Juneathon is here and I'd like to congratulate those who hung on in there longer than I managed and, of course, thank Jogblog for organising us all again.

I thought the most fitting way to end the month would be with yet more meticulous statistical analysis. I wanted to compare my Juneathon efforts with what I accomplished in Janathon. After carefully considering the variables, I realised that the data is as discontinuous as my running this month, and the best representation has to be a bar graph. A chocolate bar graph, to be precise. And what could provide better statistical robustness than the reliable Kit Kat Chunky.

Here, you can see my Janathon running efforts, represented by Kit Kat Chunky Original, compared directly with the Juneathon miles, Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter:


A slightly sorry story I'm afraid; however, we must remember that Janathon was one whole day longer than Juneathon and, given the extra day, I am sure I would have made up the extra 90-odd miles.

Slightly more encouraging is the comparison of cycling miles (you'll notice I've taken tips from my local Tory candidate's election leaflet when choosing the scale for the y-axis):


According to this graph, Juneathon blew Janathon's swimming efforts out of the water:


And let's not forget the lakeland yomping:


And the mighty press ups:


I think we can conclude that Juneathon has been a roaring success. Go me! I hope you are feeling triumphant at the end of your month.


Day 30 - Round-up run
Distance - 1.7 miles
Cake rating - 5/5 (well, it is the last day)

Day 30 - Cycle commute

Distance - 7.8 miles

Cumulative Juneathising: 45.0 miles running + 5.3 miles swimming + 131.5 miles cycling + token amount of lakeland yomping + 13 mighty press ups

vs Cumulative Janathising: 140.5 miles running + 129.2 miles cycling + 2.9 miles swimming


  1. Nicely turned in your favour there! A roaring success indeed!

  2. Ooh, I do like a KitKat chunky! Well done on Juneathon, pretty good stats I'd say and what brilliant posts throughout. Think a lot of peeps have found it tougher than Janathon, know I have. I'm intrigued by this press up challenge - another blogger during Janathon drew my attention to it before...maybe I'll give it a go :-)

  3. Always glad to see people taking graphical tips from Tory election leaflets. Nice to know such things don't go entirely to waste. Your blogs have been as entertaining as ever, for which I thank you.

  4. Excellent work, both Juneathoning and setting the bar for blog graphics. We all have a lot to aim for.
    I am going to do the push-up challenge, I've even downloaded the app to my iPhone, which I think counts as at least one push-up in itself! Later I will look at it and maybe actually lie on the floor to get the feel of things. (Don't want to rush things!) I will have Jennifer Aniston's arms by the end of it, whether she likes it or not!

  5. A very good effort indeed... I feel my juneathon was more successful in the 'most inventive forms of exercise' stakes 

  6. Hang on, hang on, hang on... Where did you find Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunkys? I haven't seen those for a couple of years and they were my mega mega favourite!

  7. I had a similar running comparison - wish I had used the other activities to make me feel better. Also second jogblogs comments - where can we buy them I need some now!

  8. This was completely awesome and made me laugh a lot. Good work.


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