Thursday, 28 July 2011

Complimentary coffee

How to fill the best-flippin-Tour-de-France-in-years-shaped hole in my afternoons this week?

Simple: cycle 40 mile round trip to meet lovely boyfriend at work for a coffee.

All the best bike rides involve a cafe.

Whilst soaking up the sun, enjoying my cappuccino, lovely boyfriend remarked,

"You look a bit like a pro..."

I blushed.

Then he finished,

... one who's let themselves go a bit."

Charming. Coffees are on him next time.



  1. Why do they always have to add a bit at the end?! Why couldn't you be left to soak up that warm glow? The extra detail is not necessary... Only a boy would do that!!! Stupid boys!!! ;-)

  2. Lol. Someone once tagged "...and there's so much of it to love" onto the end of a compliment to me. As he was not complimenting my bosom it did not go down well! Great piccy btw, especially the coffee ring wheels.

  3. Oh, we are so stupid!! But also (and you may or may not admit it) quite funny sometimes :-)

    Granted... There is a certain tendency more towards the stupid than the funny. Just making you look good...

    ...Relatively speaking


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