Friday, 12 August 2011

Community spirit

What a week.

As the nation deals with the dreadful scenes across the country, it feels like anyone with a political axe to grind has been only to keen to offer their grievance as a reason for this sad and terrifying behaviour (having nearly ended up with dog turd in my flip flop this morning, I'm half expecting a call to appear on Newsnight later postulating my view that the youth of today are rioting against the pooper-scooping refuseniks of the world. Sounds ridiculous? Watch Newsnight later); for now, we wait for the varied and complicated reasons to unravel (sadly, I fear many of the participants don't know themselves why they joined in) and offer our thoughts to those affected.

Lucky enough to live away from the main trouble, I felt helpless but heartened to seen the @riotcleanup efforts unfold on Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday. My favourite image of the week (below) circulated the social networks and reassured us that this endearing side of Britain still exists and that most people care enormously for their communities.

Meanwhile, good news of Run Geordie Run's incredible run across America filtered through the online running community (how have I missed this until now? Thanks, Maggie, for keeping me in the loop. Next you'll be telling me that they changed the name of Marathon bars). He ran an average of 31 miles a day for 100 days, arriving in New York on Tuesday, and has delighted followers with images of his ravaged feet since. As I type this, his fundraising total stands at over £78,000 for the challenge. Amazing stuff.

Sadly, we also learned the terrible news that a fellow Janathoner, Paula, passed away earlier this week. I never met Paula in person but she forms part of a community that has certainly helped rekindle my enjoyment of exercise this year; something I am very grateful for. FitArtist suggested we dedicate a run to Paula this week; if I may, I'd like to extend my dedication to Jan-/Juneathoners, whose community spirit goes a very long way toward keeping me from becoming a running reprobate.

Recreating my favourite Janathon run: I ran to the woods at the top of the hill and climbed a tree. I then ran back down the hill like Phoebe, with Queen's "We are the Champions" at full volume. Nicely done.

I'm escaping Britain tomorrow for a week and hope it remains relatively intact during this time. Don't think of looting my place while I'm away though, lovely boyfriend is staying behind to defend Cake HQ (besides, I seem to have packed pretty much everything I own).

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