Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas present

At this time of year, many running blogs are reflecting on the year just gone. Not here! I won't bore you with a list of resolutions for 2012 either; this is no time for naval gazing, it's Christmas!

As Oogway, the wise tortoise in Kung Fu Panda, says,

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the 'present'."

There's no need to wait until January. If you're not already up to your Christmas crackers in bread sauce then it isn't too late to give yourself a little Christmas present today and this is what the gift tag says:

gift tag

Don't bother to keep the receipt. No refunds or exchanges necessary. Give yourself this gift and you'll be much nicer to everyone today (you'll also really enjoy your dinner and the first tipple will go straight to your knees). What could be more festive than that?

I hope you have a happy Christmas! Love from me x

*substitute other activities (e.g. bike ride/Twister/wheelbarrow racing) as you see fit.


  1. Yay, I've just come back from my run and am hitting the bubbly now with gusto and zero guilt! A very happy Christmas to you Ms K and thanks for your lovely witty commentary this year, you have raised the running blog bar!

  2. And Happy Christmas to you too King. No run for Fattipuff but I did manage a quick dip in the sea! Please eat a mince pie and a chocolate orange and drink some mulled beverages on my behalf! Lots of love xxxxx

  3. I have a complaint - I ran and the 1st glass of mulled wine (or mullered wine as it has now been renamed) went straight to my head not my knees. Mind you, after the 2nd glass I couldn't feel my knees so maybe that worked!


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