Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lap of honour

This week, I noticed that an illustrious group of 'athoners were planning to meet up at a 10K in Regent's Park today. Keen to put some faces to some names (and names to blogging identities) at last, I tweeted Fortnight Flo and the Magathon to see if there's be room for an extra; kind as they are, they said "Yes!" and I found myself on a bus to London at 6.40 this morning.

A group of friendly looking faces were gathered outside registration this morning so I took a chance and and introduced myself. Fortunately, it was Carla (who is still Flo in my mind), Rachel, Maggie, Louise, and Alma, who are a very lovely lot indeed (and not a random bunch of ladies wondering who on earth the sleepy blonde woman in lycra was bothering them on a Sunday morning). I marveled at how we'd all found each other having not arranged previously to each wear a red carnation; many of the affable 'athoners had met up before but they also had another trick up their sleeves (fast-forward to this afternoon when I looked at my Twitter feed):


Amazing! These are truly dedicated Janathoners, tweeting from the loo queue at a race on a Sunday morning. I can only marvel at the wizardry. I can do things like, you know, 'phone people on my mobile but I don't do that particularly well. I've got catching up to do, people. Maggie blogs whilst running and Rachel managed to send a tweet from breakfast whilst I was otherwise occupied with shoving a sausage sandwich in my face.

Technological talents aside, I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning with a charming, funny and friendly groups of ladies. They are also, incidentally, rather good at the running too and everyone completed the 10K in style. So in honour of these jolly Janathoners, I've attempted to recount my 3 laps of Regent's Park in tweets:

Lap 1:

 Lap 2:

 Lap 3:


  1. Excellent stuff, glad you all had (and ran!) such a good time!

  2. This is 100% the best race report I have ever read. Well done (and on the running too!)

  3. brilliant blog as always!!! love your twitter feeds :) was great meeting you x

  4. Yes! I LOVE it! Totally, totally brilliant! Really great to meet you today too... well done on your run and your blog! :-)

  5. Great to meet you! We will tweet loudly in your direction next time we might all meet at a race. Silverstone half?
    So glad you also noticed and mentioned the camel... my Lego creative assisant thorght I made that bit up so I could get the lego camel a bit part!

  6. It was great to meet you and I *love* your witter race report.

  7. Teehee - great blog, and it was great meeting you today. looking forward to seeing you again at silverstone!

  8. I was in need of some cake today. That has kept me going nicely :-)
    Brilliant as always.


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