Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Triple helpings

There's cake all over the place this week. Lazy Girl Running, professional holiday-maker and international running rockstar, was kind enough to tolerate my misguided triathlon advice on her blog yesterday. Pop on over and have a look if you haven't already (and if you can help her with some more sensible suggestions then I'm sure she'd be very grateful).

Whilst we're on the subject of triathlon, this seems a good time to reveal a cryptic clue about where I've placed my overly optimistic race ambitions this year:


Any guesses?

I wonder if this dingbat has bitten off more than she can chew this time.


  1. I'm guessing, after such a cryptic clue, that you've signed up for an Ironman - VERY impressed! That's a fantastic race ambition, although admittedly enormous, but sure you'll smash it - looking forward to hearing how your training goes. Good luck :D

    1. Hooray! if it wasn't abroad (although you know I'm in favour of a spot of race tourism) I'd be there cheering you on. You're going to be an IRONMAN!

    2. Cripes. Thanks for the cheer!

  2. Hmmm.. I think the obvious interpretation is a deliberate red herring.
    clearly you have entered the

    FLAT MEN'S TOILET event.

    It's a sprint event, good chance of a PB. Shower required afterwards.

    1. Nearly, Mr LB - the HIGH HEAT URINAL trail race is the one you're searching for - scorching temperatures, watch out for puddles. Have you sent your entry form off?

  3. Desperately trying to think of something funny to write. Failing miserably. Which one are you doing and when (and no, that isn't an offer to join you, just interest!)?
    Loony. In a good way obviously!!

  4. Wow! You're going to ironman! That's so cool, dude!


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