Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rain delays play

Today's (projected*) training summary:


*In the interests of honesty, I wish to be clear than none of these training sessions have actually happened. Not one.

I think this picture nicely outlines the lessons learned today:

Congratulations if you've been out training or racing in the rain. I certainly didn't envy the MK and Manchester Marathon runners this morning. What did you do to motivate yourself?


  1. I went on twitter where 8 runners told me to suck it up and run. Put on all the waterproof gear in the house plus several rubber rings only for it to stop raining when I was a mile down the road. 15 more miles with too much kit.

  2. Hehe v funny as usual! It was awful at the MK marathon - at mile 16 we saw people walking past crying - I just wanted to hug them all. Alma and I even wimped out of cheerleading duties as we were too wet. It was rough!

  3. Lol. The stupid thing is, that once I'm soaked, I enjoy being wet. But can I remember that while I'm warm and toasty and dry and trying to get out the house? Of course not.


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