Thursday, 19 April 2012

Training partners

If training for the race-that-dare-not-be-named sounds like a big undertaking, spare a thought for lovely boyfriend, who's dealing remarkably well with the steady increase in mileage, sweaty kit and general neglect. What do you do for your other half when the training's making it tricky to treat 'em?

Join 'em

Lovely boyfriend is happiest on his bike, and training for this race has the benefit that I'm having to spend proportionally longer on mine. What he lacks in desire to run with me, he entirely compensates for in enthusiasm for all things two-wheeled. How best to reward this? Cycle up massive hills with him on a spring training trip to Mallorca.


Bribe 'em

When a friendly PR e-mails you offering new running shoes, say "yes, please!" and order them in size 9. These slim ankles don't belong to me but they might just join me on that run if I'm very persistent.


Feed 'em

Cakes are used to convey many messages: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Good Luck in China. These brownies say, "Thanks, lovely boyfriend. Pleeeeease can we go back to Mallorca again soon?"



  1. Oh wow those cakes look amazing. You are going to be AWESOME in your tri with an extra training partner on board!

  2. Thanks, Flo. They were Guinness brownies. That plateful didn't last as long as it ought to...


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