Saturday, 26 May 2012

iScream for ice cream

It used to be that I couldn't go running without my iPod and my first marathon play list recruited 5 hours of motivational tunes, replayed in the same order on every long run up to and including the race (aside from the obvious insanity of this, quite what made me think starting a well-paced marathon with Prince's "Let's go crazy" is anyone's guess). Over the past year or so, I've been trying to reduce this auditory dependency and, having cut down the fixes dramatically, I've recently been going cold disco turkey in both races and training. Here's are just some of my reasons why:

  1. If I were being chased by a bear, I wouldn't know. This is an obvious safety concern.
  2. Out of respect to other runners: if you're cut up by a shonky overtaking manoeuvre at a race, 91.7% of the time the offender will have earphones in. This statistic has been peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Anecdotal Running Evidence.
  3. If I'm listening to music, I'm totally oblivious as to whether I'm actually enjoying the run or simply enjoying screeching along to James Brown whilst I happen to also be running.
  4. Getting all the gadgets ready for a run was becoming like preparing for a space mission
  5. The race that dare not be named won't let me use one
  6. Following reason 5, Aunty Chrissie says, "The best way of improving your capacity to endure boredom is to endure boredom."
  7. My iPod may or may not have gurgled to a inconvenient halt in the middle of Run DMC, whilst enduring an intervals session in the recent monsoon season.
  8. The notion that "other people can't hear me fart if I can't hear it" turns out to be false.
With this in mind, it's probably not perfect timing to accept the kind offer of an arm band to carry my poor man's Samsung iPhoney on runs; however, it has provided an opportunity to shamelessly rehash put a seasonal twist on a recent theme and allow me to rethink my fueling strategy in this clement weather:



  1. I haven't read your blog for ages and now I'm regretting not doing so. I used to bowl for a team called iscream...anyway, I think that is an inspired use of an arm band!

  2. I can only assume you're using it to hold your second Snickers while you eat the first.

  3. Fantastic use of the armband - I retired my phone for running when I got my garmin (and joined running club) but I have a couple of thise bands still hanging around. INspired!

  4. Is your site letting me comment now? I doubt it, but just in case... I have been reading. I have been enjoying

  5. ... and then it didn't let me edit before posting. Oh well.. I have fired up the home computer so ths should be fine now.
    I'd written such amazing, witty comments and everything.... now lost to the internet forever!
    Great posts as usual from you. I'm so looking forward to following your progress on the journey towards flattening the creases out of the dude!


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