Thursday, 17 May 2012

Never a waisted opportunity

I haven't worn a bumbag since the 80s when I had a neon yellow one from McDonalds that carried essential items, such as my yoyo and some biscuits. Grown-up handbags are all well and good but nothing rivals the convenience of luggage round your tummy; so when Workplay bags recently offered me the chance to review their Fleetfoot II Waist Bag, I jumped right in.

Given the choice of two colours, I feared pink one might look I'd stuffed it with tampons and forgotten my rollerblades, so I plumped for the stealthy, black version. I decided to test it out on the run back from work this evening, since I generally need to carry my keys and phone home (relying until now on an overstuffed pocket in my running tights that makes it look like I've ruptured something). Starting with the bag slung rakishly about my hips, I soon discovered it should be tightened more meticulously around my middle; however, it wasn't long before it retreated further to the point of least girthitude, which turns out to be just beneath my sports bra. With the bag allowed to take shelter in the warm shadow of my bosom for the rest of the run, the silhouette created looked much like 2 nodding dogs sat atop the parcel shelf in a Mini Metro.

I'm sure that wasn't the bag's fault and someone with a neater waist would have more success; the fabric of the bag and padded straps were very comfortable, even in their new environs, and the adjustment strap was easy to move, yet steadfast once sorted. Personally, I'm still more inclined towards a small backpack with a good waist strap for commuting but I do plan to try out the bag on some longer runs to help carry my nutrition.


The bag is available from Workplay, along with some ingenious looking backpacks and gym bags.


  1. Lol - now that's the sort of running nutrition I can relate to.

  2. Has to be the perfect thing to carry on a run! Why did I never think of that!

  3. Haha - mine sits in the same place - in my pics from VLM it looks like it's supporting my boobs!

  4. I am not quite sure but every time i read your blog posts i hear Rhod Gilbert in my head. Even reading it out loud, i slip into a dramatic welsh accent.

    Thats tidy for you.....

    1. Ha, thanks (I think!). You've reminded me this programme about Rhod Gilbert climbing Kili: "We're still on Welsh weather and I've had better views in my airing cupboard"


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