Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fink positive

Early on in the preparations for the race that dare not be named, I realised it would be prudent to find some kind of training programme. My friend recommended a couple options and the one I settled on was Don Fink's "Be Iron Fit", partly because he claims you can get by on an average of 5 hours a week of training, but mostly because his name conjures up this image in my head:

Friday, 1 June 2012

Guest blog: Planes, trains and dancing in heels

With certain compromises being made in training for the race that dare not be named (mostly training compromises, admittedly), guest blogger, Lazy Girl Running, expertly shows us how you can have your cake and eat it:

In a moment of taper madness last year before the Nottingham marathon, I entered the Edinburgh marathon eight months later. Then, when a friend had to drop out of Brighton marathon and offered me his place I said 'why not'. It may have been just six weeks before Edinburgh but in my over-confident mind it would be killing two marathon-shaped birds with one stone (or two medals out of one training cycle).

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