Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fink positive

Early on in the preparations for the race that dare not be named, I realised it would be prudent to find some kind of training programme. My friend recommended a couple options and the one I settled on was Don Fink's "Be Iron Fit", partly because he claims you can get by on an average of 5 hours a week of training, but mostly because his name conjures up this image in my head:

don fink

Throughout the past 22 weeks, Mr Fink has also caused much amusement (to me, mostly) when I declare to him, "Don Fink I'm training hard enough!" or "Don Fink I've run very far this week!". Oh, how we laugh.

Strangely, Don's plans don't seem include a fortnight where you work so hard you see no alternative but to subject a mortified colleague to some unimaginable snot-ridden sobbing, nor do they suggest spending an evening mincing around in these bobby dazzlers (right); however, the plans have provided a good framework to try and work the key sessions around life's fun and games.

What Don does suggest is doing a half ironman (or, as lovely boyfriend calls it, "an ironboy") 8 weeks before the big day. Today was that day, 4 days after the snot and 2 days after the mincing, and I spent 6 hours and 9 minutes enjoying a very muddy morning at the Cotswold 113 Triathlon.

With less than 2 months left to contemplate doubling that distance though, I can't help thinking, "Don Fink I'm ready!".


  1. Not ready? I don't believe a word of it.

  2. You know how I advocate dancing in heels for the ultimate race prep. You'll be great - just remember to transition from your dancing kit without offending the nipple police.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful shoes. Your time doesn't look too bad - who am I kidding, it's about twice the speed I would do it in! Well done. I hope you are going to publish details of your events so we can come and cheer!

  4. Good going! I bet you finished thinking, "yeah... I'd like to do that again now " and you'd still have near enough 5 hours 'spare' in which to finish.
    You just need to stay away from the pizza for a few more weeks!


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