Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chrissie knows...

Last year, I entered a race: a great, big, long race. A race that dare not be named: the race that dare not be named.

Entering this race was relatively easy really, safe in the knowledge that an entire 12 months lay before it. Not naming it was all part of a complicated self-preservation plan; a plan employing a common technique, known in many circles as "denial".

With the start line less than 5 days away now, this plan has rather run it's course. This is no time for denial. Besides, look who's onto me...

Yup, that's 4-time World Ironman Champion, Chrissie Wellington. So now I've got to do it.

Many thanks to Lazy Girl Running for arranging this amazing message!


  1. You. Are. A. Machine.


    Go out there and give it some welly!

    Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Much love,

    Liz xoxo


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