Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When I decided to run an Olympic marathon

With all the excitement around that big sports day in London at the moment, I've completely neglected to write about my own recent medal haul. From an Olympic marathon, no less. I'm not even making this up*.

*Although I do reserve the right to exaggerate slightly.

Marathon running became an excuse for nice holidays several years ago when my friend, Hammo, got me tiddled enough to agree to a trip to Amsterdam. Last Summer, we decided it had been too long since our last mission to the Midnight Sun marathon in 2008 and so, suitably enamoured with Scandinavia, started to investigate Swedish races for the next adventure. That's when we stumbled upon the Stockholm Jubilee Marathon in July this year, marking 100 years since the marathon took place at the 1912 Olympic Games. All agreed, entries were done and flights were arranged.

It was shortly after this that I completely lost my marbles and entered the race that dare not be named (TRTDNBN), scheduled neatly 5 weeks after the marathon. Surely not a problem? Just to be sure, as training started to become a reality earlier this year, I thought I'd better consult Mr Don Fink's advice on these things:

"It's important to have confidence that you can cover the distance," he said on p156 of his Iron-bible.

...he insisted.

"I suggest that you do a "practice marathon" at some point prior to your Iron-distance race," he continued.

Thank you, Don. I will do just as you say!

Hang on a negative-splitting second though. I read on...

"Due to the recovery time required after a marathon, it's important not to schedule a marathon close to your Iron distance race." Oh?

 ... he seemed to say.

Don Fink don't fink that's a good idea then.

I did what every sensible would-be triathlete would do: closed the book, put my fingers in my ears and promised myself 2 simple goals:

1. Run conservatively enough to be able to ride a bike the following week,
2. Make the uncomfortable comfortable.

Don would like that last one.

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