Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 in tan lines

Happy New Year! 

Before getting too stuck into plans for this year, I thought a little summary of 2012 was in order. A combination of sun-seeking and race tourism made high mileages possible whilst training for the race formerly known as the race than dare not be named, so my summary of 2012 is brought to you through the medium of melanin (and minor abrasions).

Jantan Febtan
Martan Aprtan
Maytan JUNtan
JULtan AUGtan
SEPtan octtan
novtan DECtan


  1. Aha! If I sign in with my google account it works!!!....but people don't know who I am... Do I remain the mysterious blog post commenter or shamelessly post my website details?
    No matter... I shall just say, wonderful creativity. If it was me, however. All exposed parts would be pink.., and remain that way for a year. Unexposed parts would be very white...,
    Basically ... I'd look like bagpus.

  2. Superly dooperly as always! I have some very funny tan lines at the moment due to falling asleep before undoing the back strap of my bikini. You can see the bow and everything. Pretty. Not. xxx

  3. I have one of those black toenails. They don't half linger.


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